My parents bought me my first camera (Nikon D3000) on a complete whim when I was a senior in high school because they thought I might be interested in photography. They knew best, and their decision on a whim paid off. Now, I'm working to pursue wedding and portrait photography full-time.

I started my business when I was in college. My sister and her then fiancĂ© were my first "official clients". When I took their engagement pictures, I never dreamed I would be a wedding and portrait photographer. You may be wondering where the name "Third Floor North" came from. I lived on the third floor and north side of my dorm during my four years of college. It was my friends in college that really pushed me to keep pursuing my dream, so I thought what better way to thank them than to name the business after where it all started. 

How third floor north photography got it's start

My story


hey, you!

I grew up in Maryland right outside of Annapolis but have since relocated to the South. I'll probably always refer to myself as a Northern, city girl, but the Southern charm is growing on me. 

I'm based out of Greenville, South Carolina, but love to travel! I get excited every time I get to travel, especially when it is for a wedding. Exploring new places never gets old. 

Some of the favorite things I love are chocolate ice cream, Chick-fil-a, spending time with my family, meeting new people, pretty wedding details, and summer days spent at the beach. Right now I work full-time at a marketing agency. While I love all the aspects of marketing, photography is my true passion and where I feel my full creativity comes to life.